wellbeing retreats and workshops

Retreats & Workshops

Retreat packages designed for busy people needing re-charging from the inside out as well as Pop-Up Mini Retreats and Wellbeing Workshops.

Corporate Wellbeing

Bespoke workplace programmes offering health checks, tailored workshops, stress-management, wellness days on-site and off-site retreat packages

What is a Pop Up Retreat?

Mini well being retreats designed to de-stress and re-energise. Our switch-off zone delivers the ultimate “me-time” experience that can come to you.

Talks and Speaking

Speaking topics covering managing stress, ancient wisdom for healthcare today, building energy for resilience, strategies for self-care, finding a work life balance

Pop Up Retreats
Stress management and your well being is at the heart of all our pop up retreats. Our unique retreat experiences can be tailored for a particular outcome be it to de-stress, sleep better, boost your immune system, gain energy or simply to leave feeling radiant after some “me time”. Pop Up Retreats can be run at a venue of your choosing, or at one of our selected locations and run as a mini 2.5 hour pop up or, as a full day retreat experience. Themes can include:

Indulge and Restore
Wellness Reboot with Spa
Clear and Calm
Boardroom Takeover

Helen Hayes Balance Retreat

Hi, I’m Helen and I love to work with the busy and the ambitious who want to put their wellbeing back on the agenda, make long-lasting positive changes and live a healthy, balanced life.

Using my knowledge and experience gained as a traditional acupuncturist specialising in women’s health and my corporate work supporting business owners, I have created Balance Retreat – a place  to access wellbeing services, support and solutions that are realistic and tailored to the modern world

Helen Hayes Balance Retreat

“I blend Eastern traditions with Western concepts, the ancient with the current and the holistic with the realistic”

“I focus my work on enabling busy people to prioritise self-care, even for those with the busiest of schedules”

“I provide help for those looking to overcome stress, manage anxiety, prevent or overcome a state of burnout”

Insights and articles, tips and tools to help you gain the knowledge to revive and restore, find your balance and bring your self-care back in to play.

Thinking of Going to Watch the IT Movie? Read this First.

Thinking of Going to Watch the IT Movie? Read this First.

Are you a bad sleeper? If you answered yes, then here's what you should know about clowns and cortisol before you go to watch Stephen Kings, IT Movie. You may be suffering with high levels of cortisol in your body, especially if you already consider yourself to be...

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5 Stress Busting Tips for the Busy

5 Stress Busting Tips for the Busy

I’m not quite sure at what point life became so busy. Some days it feels like we are living in the times of a stress pandemic. This bothers me. I know stress is an inevitable part of life but prolonged stress can trigger some really worrying health problems. It’s also...

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A Simple Relaxation Exercise – Mini Qi Meditation

A Simple Relaxation Exercise – Mini Qi Meditation

Click HERE to see the instructions for a Simple Qi Awareness Exercise Here is a simple and easy exercise to help you feel (and then build up) your own qi. It's important that you find somewhere comfortable to sit to do this, with no distractions. Treat it a mini...

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