Hi I’m Helen – I am a Traditional Acupuncturist with an approach to wellness that is underpinned by the philosophies and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I’m also very much a busy mum and ambitious working woman, juggling roles and responsibilities.  I have a background in business and my mission now is to use my knowledge to enhance well-being practices within businesses and support busy people to create and maintain a work-life balance.

I believe in balance, self-care and supporting busy people with their well-being, from entrepreneurs to corporate executives.

I love to blend East and West, the ancient with the current and the holistic with the realistic.

My 1:1 work is based around the creation of a personal wellness plan that incorporates the strategy, tools and ongoing support to ensure better health, mental strength and resilience for every day life.

About me – Helen Hayes

A fully insured and licenced practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine holding a BSc in Acupuncture – I run clinics in Gloucestershire specialising in women’s health and stress related conditions.
My background is in business and languages and I started my career in the City of London in Corporate and Financial PR. My career originally developed in Business-to-Business Public Relations and I worked on international campaigns and with teams from across the globe. I subsequently went in to freelance work to support start-ups and women in business.
My passions are travel, cooking and helping women to stay healthy and balanced through all the demands and challenges that come with being a woman.

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