Corporate Well-being

Balance Retreat offer a range of well-being services for businesses from pop-up mini retreats, exclusive wellness breaks to well-being at work talks and workshops.

Pop Up Retreats

A well-being focused retreat (on or off-site) that gives staff ‘time out’ as well as a toolkit of practical exercises to help manage stress, develop focus and gain balance.

How are they different?

Pop-up Balance Retreats combine well-being and stress management techniques from the worlds of Traditional Chinese Medicine  presented in a relatable and current way.   They can literally “pop-up” anywhere: – in the boardroom, a hired meeting space, or a hotel booked for a corporate away day. They can be tailored to meet your needs and last from 1 hour to 2 hours to a full day.

As both relaxation and focus are key elements of the Pop-up Retreat, every effort is put into transforming any space in to a “switch off zone”.  We will provide everything that is needed to promote a sense of calm, relaxation and restoration.

What is the Format?

The Pop-up Retreat has been designed to give companies an easy way of incorporating wellness practices and promoting employee health. It is a format that staff enjoy participating in and ensures they will leave with knowledge that can be applied to everyday life.

Pop-up Retreats can be run:

  • Off-site as part of an away-day
  • On-site as part of a wellness promotion day/event
  • Combined with a luxury location (e.g. Spa/ 5 star hotel)
  • As a reward for top performers after a project/ event/ sales push
  • Prior to an event to focus and energise teams
  • As executive wellness retreats
  • Combined with wellness talks and workshops e.g. nutrition/ sleep/ mental health/work-life balance/ time-management/ resilience building and self-care
  • Combined with Health checks

A Pop-up Retreat can be adjusted to focus on the needs of the participant group e.g. stress management, recuperation, luxury treat, reward etc.

What do they involve?

Typically Pop-up Retreats provide a mix of guided relaxations, breathing and mindfulness techniques, qi gong exercises (known as acupuncture without the use of needles), self-acupressure,  self-massage sequences and sometimes simple yoga techniques (suitable for all and can be adapted to chair yoga if necessary).  They also introduce the concept of ‘qi ‘or ‘chi’ – translated loosely as energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Gaining even just a little awareness of your own qi is a great way to actively tackle stress build up as both mindfulness and meditation are encapsulated within any qi practice.  During relaxation segments acupressure and ‘ear seeds’ (small black seeds from the Vaccaria plant) may be used to stimulate key acupuncture points to enhance results.

The Pop-Up Retreat 

This unique retreat experience is led by Helen Hayes, a Traditional Acupuncturist & Stress Management Specialist.  Helen has extensive experience of corporate life from her time working in Financial and Corporate PR and now specialises in helping others to achieve work/life balance through 1:1 wellness coaching, acupuncture and retreat offerings.

Balance Retreat can source and recommend venues to suit or simply come to you.

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5* Exclusive Balance Retreats

Bespoke retreat in the Forest of Dean. Set within a stunning, 5 star period house with full access to the beautiful gardens overlooking the Gloucestershire countryside and the Forest of Dean, this retreat is for those wanting a more personalised retreat experience. Wellness coaching and one-to-one sessions and treatments are fully incorporated, the focus of which can be tailored exclusively to your needs. Suitable for 3 to 4 individuals. Minimum 2 night stay.

Looking for Ideas to Enhance Well-being at Work?

Here are just a few ideas we can help you to implement:

A well-being action day for your company

A bespoke retreat experience for your team

A stress management & resilience power session

Workshops on Self-Care and Time Management

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