Workplace Toolkit Talks

Looking for a wellbeing speaker? We provide sessions to learn, inspire and put wellbeing back on the agenda

Interactive talks to help build resilience, manage stress and recharge

Popular talks from a knowledgeable wellbeing speaker that can fit a lunch hour or can be put together as a programme.  Each session can be used to build up a personal wellbeing toolkit.  Focus for all sessions is providing useful takeaways that can be easily incorporated in to everyday life and routines.

 Wellness Toolkit Talks

Stress Management

Understanding stress can be the key to successful management.  Knowledge is power with stress.  This session will open up 360 degree thinking around stress and guide you through some habits and techniques that can become part of your wellbeing toolkit for life

Mental Wellbeing

This interactive talk will look at what mental wellbeing really means and how to make it as tangible and as well understood as physical wellbeing. It provides a simple action plan that can be started straight away and will suit even the busiest of people without creating overwhelm.


Building resilience can become your superpower. Understand what resilience is and crucially its relationship with managing stress and wellbeing.  Learn the main facets that contribute to your own personal resilience and how to then turn the theory into action.

Sleep and Revival

Switching off is becoming harder and harder but good sleep and rest are vital to everyday function, productivity, immunity and overall wellbeing. This interactive talk is about discovering  strategies and tools for switching off and gaining better sleep with practical, easy to implement methods.

Mindfulness Matters

A discovery skills session introducing how an understanding of mindfulness can improve wellbeing and work alike. Better management of thoughts and reactions, releasing creativity and gaining instant focus are just some of the benefits to be gained from this immersive session.

Managing Menopause

By supporting women through the menopause, organisations can benefit from increased engagement and loyalty, as well as lower sickness absence and employee turnover. This informative talk is aimed at building knowledge and self-care strategies to empower and support working women.

Pop Up Boardroom Retreats


An immersive wellbeing experience

1 hr, full or half days

Experience wellbeing and stress management techniques from the worlds of Traditional Chinese Medicine, presented in a relatable and current way.

Held in the “switch off zone” for the ultimate immersive experience.

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