Working 1:1 – What does Wellness Coaching Mean?

For me, it means working in partnership to help you navigate change and stimulate new ways and thinking to enable you to reach your health or lifestyle goal. I work with you, support you every step of the way and provide accountability, motivation and direction when needed. The process develops over time with new learnings, actions and reflections. You build a solid toolkit along the way.
At the start of the process, we spend time together (can be online or in person) creating a Personal Wellness Plan that will take in to account every aspect of your well-being. Think of it as designing a solid yet “mindful approach” to your wellness. We will align all the factors that make up the foundations of health, balance and happiness. These factors may be mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, social and also, environmental.
We look at lifestyle habits, changing behaviour patterns, action-taking strategies, purpose and planning. This is all done in a way to give you renewed energy to move forward, fully supported and not in a way that leaves you feeling overwhelmed with yet more to-do lists.
Wellness coaching can be incorporated alongside acupuncture with me or conducted as a stand-alone process. I may well recommend other activities, support and health professionals as part of the process. I will help you co-ordinate and manage any change process that is needed for you to gain the healthy, balanced lifestyle you crave.
I will be your accountability partner to help you enhance your self-motivation, lever your strengths, navigate the journey of change and build your own resources and resilience to live a healthier, happier life.

Can you benefit?

I work with women of all ages and at all levels in their professional lives to help them find balance.

My approach to wellness coaching is particularly suited to:

  • Women that show success in many areas of their life but struggle to find the time, energy or focus to prioritise their own wellbeing.
  • Women that only get a rest or a break when they are away on holiday.
  • Women that are always on the go and struggle to sleep, relax or maintain a healthy diet.
  • Women that suffer with anxieties and stress behind the scenes but often appear ‘together’ on the outside.
  • Women that are always ‘too busy’, juggling roles and responsibilities to take care of themselves over others.
  • Women that are driven, ambitious and have put everything in to their work leaving gaps in other parts of their life like love and fun!
  • Women that feel worn out, heading for burnout, know they need to make changes but lack the support or motivation to take action.
  • Women that want to live healthier lives and ditch the bad habits for good.
  • Women that need help with energy and eating a more balanced diet and finding the time to exercise.
  • Women that need to be on top of their game and perform to their best without being plagued by hormonal havoc, stress or tiredness.

Program lengths are typically 3 or 6 month and I also offer a one month kickstarter plan.

If you would like to work with me 1:1 please drop me a line using the contact form below.


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